About Modern C Programming

Modern C Programming is about bringing modern programming concepts and paradigms to the established C programming language. It will focus on Object Orientation, Unit Testing, Functional Programming and Game Development.

Many people think C is an antiquated language and everyone should switch to C++ instead. It lacks modern features and is not very safe in its very nature. But this does not have to be the case. On this site you will see that you can have a modern approach to programming and still use C as your preferred programming language.

Besides that you won’t be able to use C++ (or even more modern languages like C#, Python, Clojure, etc.) in any environment. If you want to do programming on embedded systems, C often is the way to go if you don’t want to go down the assembler path.

Marco is the author of the articles. He is a programmer himself for almost thirty years and a professional developer for about twenty years. He has a passion for games and retro systems as well as for everything that has to do with modern programming approaches.